Heartwood Provincial

The Modern Provincial in the new Heartwood neighborhood is a stunning example of contemporary elegance. This exquisite home features a main level living design with a wide open floor plan that seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living spaces, creating a truly immersive living experience.

Key Features:

  • Main Level Living:
  • Designed for convenience and accessibility, the main level living area offers a spacious and inviting atmosphere, perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing with family.

  • Wide Open Floor Plan:
  • The wide open floor plan provides a seamless flow between living spaces, allowing for flexibility in how the space is used and maximizing natural light throughout the home.

  • Overlooking Pool:
  • The main level living area overlooks a stunning pool, creating a resort-like feel and providing a beautiful focal point for the home.
    Raised Family Room on Second Level: The raised family room on the second level offers a unique and dynamic space for family gatherings, game nights, or simply unwinding after a long day.

    The Modern Provincial in the Heartwood neighborhood is a testament to modern design and thoughtful craftsmanship. With its main level living layout, wide open floor plan, and stunning pool, this home offers a truly luxurious and contemporary living experience.

    Project details coming soon.

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